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Technology-enabled medical billing service for specialty physicians and surgery centers.
Corporate growth fueled by IBM partnership, innovation, and customer success.

Every day, physicians and their medical billing partners face the reality of reduced reimbursements. This is driven by government actions to regulate and control healthcare costs and by insurers with ever-increasing rules and complexity. Many physicians feel pressured to “do more for less”, while maintaining high quality healthcare. And most reform proposals seem unlikely to reduce these pressures. Information technology is critical to meet these challenges. But technology advances so quickly that many practices and surgery centers cannot keep up or afford the cost to constantly revise systems. At the same time, practices doing their own billing must train staff on the latest industry changes, payor rules and updates, and compliance procedures. In this environment, many physicians and ASC’s choose to partner with billing experts. After all, they want to concentrate on delivering quality care to patients while minimizing overhead costs and maximizing their compliant revenue opportunities.

AHS: the medical billing partner

With thirty years developing and perfecting medical billing technology plus a team of physician billing (“revenue cycle management”) and compliance professionals, AHS has the resources to provide clients the technology and financial results needed to be successful in today’s environment. Despite the constantly changing environment, AHS clients realize more revenue, greater productivity, and reduced A/R. All with secure regulatory compliance. The AHS commitment to clients is “More money, faster. Practice financial data, available anytime, anywhere. Regulatory compliance, guaranteed. And, Client First service.” AHS understands the day-to-day reality of the hospital, medical office, and surgery center because AHS not only develops but is the largest user of its own technology. Years of industry knowledge are applied every day to benefit clients.

AHS and IBM Partnership

AHS knows that medical billing applications require the utmost in reliability and performance. In addition, removing technology risk is of high priority. For these reasons, AHS physician and ASC billing solutions all use the IBM System i family of servers. With over twenty years of System i experience, AHS has always been able to deliver highly reliable and cost-effective medical billing services. With industry-leading performance. IBM has chosen AHS as it exclusive VIP Business Partner for physician billing solutions. IBM and
AHS: an unbeatable combination.

AHS: delivering results for customers

At AHS, results speak for themselves. Net collections consistently above 98%. Accounts Receivable reduced by 14 days and more. Client First service. As the AHS tagline says, “Billing, Technology, Results—when performance matters.”

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